Zombies, Alcohol & You

Created in partnership with The BACCHUS Network™,
an international association of 1,000 college- and
university-based peer education programs, Zombies,
Alcohol & You
takes students on a journey through the perils of high-risk drinking. Beginning with a spoof on 50's-style prevention programming, the program educates students about alcohol’s hazardous biological effects; uses social norming to undermine myths about campus partying; teaches students about hazards such as alcohol poisoning; and arms students with practical and psychological tools to drink responsibly (if they are going to drink at all).

Dramatically, the story arc follows one student as his alcohol intake ultimately hospitalizes him, a message reinforced by gripping testimonials from people who survived their own negative experiences with alcohol abuse. In addition to other strong learning outcomes, of those who drank at all before taking our program, roughly two-thirds of men and women said they would drink “Much less” or “Less” as a result of the programming.

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